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Financial Advisor Tip: 6 Amazing Websites to Help You Save Big Now

At Advanced Wealth, our specialty is working with women in order to have them spending better, saving more, and building a retirement plan. And one of the best ways to do all three is to take advantage of all the web has to offer. Use these sites to do everything from finding a deal to reducing your expenses.

1. Best Site to Get a Deal – Deal News

The site is just what the title promises. Come here to get up to date deals –with information regularly updated – on everything from electronics to fashion to travel. Scroll down the homepage for the best in all deals, narrow your search by category, and you can even set up email alerts to get deals on the things you want the instant they happen. They’ve also got a great app for the site and even one for those who are Black Friday obsessed.

2. Best Site to Beat Credit Cards – CreditCards.com

The foul seductress and combatant of any good retirement plan, credit cards are easy to get, use, and can really pile on the interest, with some of the best offering 12% – which would be great if you were earning it instead of paying. However, if you do use credit cards wisely and pay off the balances, you can get tons of perks including cash back and travel miles. But which are the best? With the market constantly changing, a site like CreditCards.com can tell you which have the best rates, rewards, balance transfer offers, and much more.

3. Best Site for Retirement Planning – AARP

You don’t have to be a senior or a member to get great tips for retirement planning from the AARP. Sections include typical items like Social Security, finances, and plenty of other resources. In addition to planning for retirement, the AARP also has tips for finding a job at any age, recareering, and much more.
An honorable mention for the best retirement site is this section in Forbes.

4. Best Site for Investing – Investopedia

No matter what your level of familiarity in investing, this site has you covered from beginners to seasoned pro’s. A comprehensive dictionary is available to all as well as tutorials on many investing principles. You can also get the latest info on trades, investment tips, and more. They even have blogs and articles on how to spend well.

5. Best Site for Banking – Bank Rate

Muck like CreditCards.com, this site has the latest in banking info including the best rates for savings accounts, checking, mortgages, and more. There are tons of calculators that can help you do everything from pay off your house to becoming a millionaire. You can even get tips for buying insurance, automobiles, and many other big-ticket items.

6. Even More Financial Adviser Resources

Not to be outdone, if you need more information on doing any of the above, be sure to check out our very own downloads from our Houston financial advisor team. A few of these resources include the 7 Principles of Long-Term Investing, Social Security Strategies, and Becoming a 401(k) Millionaire. And of course, they are all free for the downloading.

And if you are a woman or anyone looking to spend better and/or build retirement and need a Houston financial advisor, give us a call at 800-348-4221 or contact us.