Financial Planning and Personal Wealth Advisor Barbara Walker-Greene, as seen on Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and more...


Dr. Barbara Walker-Green

Barbara Walker-Green knew at an early age that she had a knack with numbers. She was fascinated with her ability to make numbers tell an irrefutable story. She ultimately decided to build a career path based on her inherent ability to master them. Now, 20 years later she is the President and Senior Managing Partner at Advanced Wealth and Retirement Planning Concepts, where she has a unique opportunity to combine her passion for people and numbers to do what she does best. Specializing in

  • Retirement planning services
  • Estate planning
  • Investment advisory services
  • Strategic financial planning

She provides state-of-the-art financial services to organizations, families, and individuals. Her combination of nearly two decades of experience, training and specialized education means Barbara can meet a client’s total financial planning needs. Her people centered style of financial guidance has helped numerous clients realize long-term financial security and stability in a dynamic economy.

Barbara holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Business Management. She is an Investment Advisor Representative and has more than 20 years in corporate and personal finance experience.

She has been featured in main stream media publications and television media including:

    • FOX News Houston – Live Monthly Financial Expert Commentary
    • KHOU 11, Houston
    • Forbes Magazine
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Reuters Magazine
    • Senior Market Advisor Magazine (Cover)
    • Black Enterprise Magazine
    • RTT News
    • Money Magazine

Featured Advice


Planning for retirement can be confusing, but it is worth the extra effort when you consider the peace of mind it will offer you and your family in the twilight years of your life. If you desire to develop a plan for retirement or have a question about your existing retirement plan, you can start by looking for answers from one of our trained financial professionals at Advanced Wealth.


Developing a personal investment approach may be daunting for some. At Advanced Wealth, we provide our clients with information that will help them better understand the various financial vehicles that can be used to grow wealth for their retirement years. We believe that educating the client on all of the financial options available to help meet their specific needs empowers them to make confident choices.


Saving money is not a passé financial strategy practiced only by the frugal minded. Advanced Wealth recognizes that saving money is a viable solution to positively plan for and/or mitigate the monetary problems that may arise during the golden years. For our younger clients, it is a financial strategy that can help them when they experience a life event that causes a financial hiccup in their spending such as loss of employment or an unexpected medical emergency.

Health Care

One of the most prevalent questions that people may ask themselves is, “How will I afford health care during retirement?” Advanced Wealth has designed a PROCESS for helping clients identify their financial needs and goals for retirement which demonstrates both their current strengths and weaknesses with their retirement plans. We also identify tactics that will help them fulfill their needs for Medicare, life insurance and catastrophic illness coverage.