Lump Sum or Annuity? Ask These 5 Questions First

If you have a pension, you’re one of the few Americans who still does. Once common among retirees, defined benefit pensions have become somewhat of an endangered species in America over the past 40 years. Following a few incredible pension disasters in local governments and private companies (e.g. Studebaker), American employees began asking for control…

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The Finacial Planning Process

Eliminate fear of the unknown in the financial planning process—whether you’re looking to design a comprehensive financial plan or focus on one goal, the process typically includes these six steps. Step 1 Establishing a relationship with your advisor Without a working relationship with your financial advisor, it will be difficult to develop a functional financial…

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Let Your Kids Know That Their Credit Is Their Power!

Is your teenager prepared to navigate the world of credit? Learn why it’s important to prepare teens for a credit card and how to teach your teen to responsibly use one. Credit cards are a go-to payment method for many Americans, offering an easy way to pay for large purchases. However, this same ease of…

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Do You Know How to Maintain Your Good Credit?

You’ve worked hard to build a good financial reputation—now learn how to preserve your credit score by following these credit best practices. After building a solid credit score for yourself, sometimes the best thing you can do is stay the course. Resting on your laurels may get a bad rap, but if you’ve already developed…

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Saving early can prevent future stress and keep more money in your pocket.

Life is full of unanswerable questions, like knowing exactly how much you will need to live comfortably during retirement. Although this number can be difficult to determine, the following article highlights some useful strategies and tools to get you a step closer to finding a dollar amount that will help you feel confident in your…

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Barbara Walker Green Named a 2014 Top 30 Influential Woman of Houston!

A very special congratulations to our own Barbara Walker-Green for being named a 2014 Top 30 Influential Woman of Houston! What an honor. We are very proud of her for this award. Sign up for a complimentary consultation with one of Houston’s most influential women here… [sc:”ComplimentaryConsultation”]

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Woman and Money Raining

Retirement Planning at a Younger Age

As society and the economy continue to change, it is becoming increasingly clear that individuals need to focus on retirement planning at a much earlier age. In previous decades, most individuals felt more confident and comfortable with developing a savings plan for their retirement in their 30s or 40s, recognizing the eventual impending notion of…

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Senior Couple Talking To Financial Advisor At Home

How a Financial Planner Can Help You

An upsurge of the population is approaching retirement, and relatively few among them possess the level of financial savvy for optimal retirement planning. A financial planner can help guide retirees through difficult choices. By identifying and avoiding the mistakes that many retirees make, planners provide confidence and peace of mind for a stable retirement.

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